The interior of the home gets over 50% of its air from the crawl space! We will run a Negative Air Machine through all 3 processes to pull hidden and mold spores and gasses from the home.  We use Hospital grade  Mold killers to treat all surfaces. ESS is used to ensure full coverage and we use Hepa treatment to remove dead Mold.

                                                     Our interior remediation is like no other clean.

ALL surfaces of the house are checked. Not only are the visual surfaces cleaned but everything is examined and cleaned. Beds are stripped. If there is visible mold on the fabrics they are bagged and sealed. The mattresses are removed, the bed frames are cleaned, night stands are cleaned inside and out, the drawers are removed and not only cleaned inside but under and on the backs also.After the room is cleaned it is sealed off and then the next room is started.

mold-x interior



Even the simple things like Potpourri are checked and dealt with!


Bunk Beds stripped and the frames are covered in Mold!


Even the tooth brushes are checked

The same applies to all rooms in the house. Everything is treated with the same attention to detail with nothing left to chance. We also recommend installing an Air purification device in the home for continued protection..